MT-MT AOC Assembly
MT-MT AOC Assembly
The passive optical interconnection jumper developed by adtek can be used in qsfp AOC, qsfp28 AOC, qsfp-dd AOC, micro qsfp AOC, CXP AOC, CFP AOC, CDFP AOC and any parallel optical transceiver module AOC.
MT-MT AOC Assembly
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MT-MT AOC Assembly


1. Compatible with gr-1435 and gr-1221

2. Transmission mode: multi-channel parallel optical connection

3. Support: 40g (4x10g), 100g (4x25g), 4x32g, 200g (8x25g), 400G(8x40g), 800g (8x100g)

Coupling mode: passive coupling between MT and MT at 0 ° and 8 ° through guide pin

Insertion loss return loss parameters: MT insertion loss ≤ 0.60db, typical insertion loss 0.20db, MT return loss ≥ 20dB

Applicable environment: - 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃