Quality Assurance

· FTY is 99%

· The first delivery yield of the sale products is 100%

· Customer satisfaction rate reaches 90%

Quality Inspection
Raw material storage bin
· Self inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection and full inspection
Quality Assurance
Production workshop
· Standard Article Management(SOP/SIP)
· The Supplier Management(SQE)
· First Article Assurance (PQE)
· Standardized Automation Equipment
· Management of Production Standard Templates
· 7S Management
Management System
Reliability Testing Laboratory
According to
· ISO9001:2015
· ISO14001: 2015
· ISO45001: 2018 Establish company management system
Delivery area
Shipping area
Adopt AQL0.6 (light missing type) /0 (heavy missing type) LL sampling to test the finished product to ensure the quality of the finished product is stable and good;Review the product quality according to the production flow chart, and save the data of the produced products.
·Fast delivery
·Sufficient Stock

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