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A new year, a new journey! 丨New Year's Message from the Chairman
release time:2023-01-06
Author: Lu Bai

  On the last day of 2022, away from home, I cruised through the bustling crowds of Hanoi with my Vietnamese cadres, watching the locals happily shopping for New Year's goods, tourists from all over the world walking leisurely through the streets, vendors walking the streets, a wide array of goods and delicious snacks of all colors, I felt in a trance that this was not the China before the epidemic.


  The new crown epidemic has had a huge impact on our lives work and economy over the past three years, and even more so in 2022.


  In 2022, our sales and marketing elites put all their strengths into action, urgently need customers, think what customers think, do their best to do a good job of communication bridge, deliver customers' orders and requirements accurately to the back end, successfully complete the delivery and collection, the company's performance in the industry's dismal still grew significantly! Let's give them the warmest applause and the greatest respect!

   Our back-end delivery also fought a turnaround in 2022, with our Shenzhen factory growing stronger, our Shenzhen-Shantou and Jiangsu factories rapidly growing from small to large, and our Vietnam factory constantly eliminating difficulties and growing rapidly, laying the foundation for a rapid expansion in 2023. From site to decoration, from recruitment to training to induction, from replication system to customer acceptance of the factory qualified, from ordinary employees to team leader line leader, our back-end production, quality, engineering and warehousing have paid hard work! Here, too, to pay tribute to them!

  Our device department and sheet metal factory, from scratch, excellent team has been found, high precision equipment is also in place, watch them sharpen their fists and look forward to their new platform to make a big show and break into a new world!

  Our finance, procurement, and R&D have not been timid in the face of business growth, and have handled all kinds of unexpected situations with enthusiasm and a positive mindset, providing good back-end services.

   In addition to being responsible for the daily administrative and logistical affairs of the company and staff recruitment, the Administration and Human Resources Department also decisively handled the unexpected situation during the outbreak of the epidemic in 2022, ensuring that the company's operation and production did not receive a major impact!

  In conclusion, the great achievements of 2022 cannot be achieved without the great efforts and dedication of all our colleagues in the company! Here, we would like to express our great respect and gratitude to all of you!

  2023 is a brand new year. With the liberalization of domestic epidemic control, our normal life will soon be restored and the economic industry will gradually recover; foreign markets are somewhat volatile, but this demand for future data will not diminish. The outlook for our industry remains clear and demand remains strong. The 2023 plan set by the company still requires our full efforts to achieve it.

  Of course, 2023 is certainly not a smooth year, there will definitely be ups and downs and various difficulties in between, the key lies in whether our belief is firm and whether we are well prepared. I believe with passion we are all ready!

   I believe in the saying: then good industry, there are not good business, then bad industry, there can be good business! The key is whether we ourselves are strong, iron needs to be hard on its own!

  2023 is a year full of hope, a year full of challenges, and a year of rapid growth in our efforts to learn!

  2023, cheer together and work hard together, a new year, a new journey, to create new successes!


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